Oil rigs on the Central Coast?

Will we soon be looking out at oil rigs from the NSW Central Coast? This is an area in which I take a special interest, because I live there. According to this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, someone has estimated there are undersea reserves of up to a billion barrels of oil and enough gas to meet Sydney’s needs for a decade out there off the coast between the Hawkesbury and Newcastle.

This is an area where whales migrate, with many beautiful beaches and coastal marine parks. Any oil spill could decimate the marine and coastal ecology.

And did anyone mention global warming? What with the millions of tonnes of coal being shipped out of the Hunter in ships that line the Central Coast horizon (and, allegedly, according to newspaper reports, are destroy our offshore reefs with their anchors), this region of Australia would certainly be doing more than its fair share to heat up the planet.

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  1. 1

    marksmann said,

    Here’s a link to this story from the local paper, The Express Advocate.


  2. 2

    Finn Peacock said,


    I live up the road in Dudley.

    Surely our friendly pollies won’t let this happen. If the coal ships have to dodge dozens of oil rigs, it might slow down their beloved coal exports!


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