Garnaut cut short

I was watching Ross Garnaut answering questions after his address to the press club, when the ABC rolled the credits and cut to a scheduled repeat of pop-quiz Spicks and Specks. It just made me think: if that was a footy match, the TV bods would have given the scheduled program the flick in an instant to stay with the action. But finding out what the author of the Government’s report into climate change – the greatest challenge facing both Australia and humanity, and which is in the process of changing our world… that rates below a re-run pop quiz.

We don’t get it yet, do we?

Oh, yeah, and 550ppm?


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    Danny Bloom said,

    so true, we don’t get it yet. sad. we are at war. now.

    please blog about polar cities. they are set for Tasmania and NZ too. Lovelock has seen the images and said YES YES YES.

    we need to wake up the world…….damn TV producers. we are at war and they do that. good post. sad

  2. 2

    Danny Bloom said,

    Wonder if one day you could look at my polar cities images, created by Deng Cheng-hong in Taiwan, and blog on your reactions pro or con. It’s so hard to get anyone to take me seriously these days. But I am serious, Mark. We will need polar cities, or what i also call human population retreats for climate refugees, in NZ and Tasmania too. Even Dr Lovelock says so. It’s not me. I am just following James!

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