A tale of three meetings

This is a quick tale of three international meetings that took place this week.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s resident climate denier Miranda Devine was allowed to devote a page lead op-ed story to report on a climate sceptic conference in the US, where a few of the usual suspects rehashed familiar, discredited, climate sceptic lines.

Elsewhere, more credible scientists were meeting in Copenhagen for an International Scientific Congress on Climate Change. The congress issued an urgent appeal to world leaders to act now on climate change, warning that in the last two years global warming seems to have speeded up dramatically, surpassing the worst predictions of even the most recent IPCC report of 2007, and we may only have a few years to prevent an irrevesible planetary catastrophe.

Curiously, none of Australia’s op-ed writers picked up on that one.

And where were those world leaders?

Many of them were meeting in England to discuss the economic downturn – a “crisis” they clearly believe is more urgent and important than climate change. (After all, where is the trillion-dollar environmental crisis package we really need?)


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