Is the meat ant a cure for cane toads?

Scientists hope they may have found something to stop the cane toad in its tracks – and it’s a native.

Introduced to combat the native beetle that was destroying introduced sugar crops in Queensland, the cane toad has become Australia’s enemy number one, on a seemingly unstoppable march across the nation’s tropics.

But now scientists have found that the native meat ant seems immune from the cane toad’s poison. Could they be the weapon to stop the cane toad invasion?

Still, we’ve been down this path before. The article ends with a warning from Professor Ian Lowe:

The delusion that you can have effective biological control still seems very strong in Australia. People talk about managing environmental systems as if it’s no more complex than managing a jam factory. We should have learned from the cane toad that the cure is often worse than the disease.


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