IPCC more certain about global warming


The fifth IPCC report, just published, repeats what the previous four have said, only with more certainty.  The world’s climate scientists, of which the IPCC is representative, are essentially certain humans are causing the planet to warm up through greenhouse gas emissions.

 Read a summary at The Conversation.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reports that the IPCC’s Working Group 2 report has included south-east Australia in a list of hot-spots that will be particularly badly affected by warming.

According to the the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO), the oceans are becoming more acidic at the fastest rate in 300m years, an indication they are absorbing carbon dioxide from greenhouse gas emissions. Given that two-thirds of the world is covered by ocean, this is significant detail. IPSO warn of mass species extinctions

Another study says the world is racing towards a tipping point (varying from place to place, but on average in 2047) where every year will be hotter than the current averages, and from which temperatures will never return to the present “normal”.


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