Western Australia could scupper plans to ditch carbon tax

Without Green or Labor support, the Abbott government cannot get its bills to abolish the carbon tax  through parliament until the Senate changes in July. And there’s a potential fly in the ointment here, because the Senate election for Western

Already since the election, Coalition support has dropped, and voters may also be reluctant to vote for micro-parties again, after the election of the Sports Enthusiasts Party, and it’s possible that Labor could recover seats they “lost”. That would deny the government a friendly majority in the Senate and make it hard to actually abolish the carbon tax. In which case, Abbott would have to consider a double dissolution as a de facto referendum on the carbon tax.

Indeed, Abbott plans to make the WA senate rerun itself basically a referendum on the carbon tax. But, as I wrote in a previous blog, it’s not nearly as clear-cut as Abbott would have us believe that the last election really was a vote against the carbon tax – and in fact many voters still support it. If we have a hot summer with big bushfires that focuses voters’ minds on climate change, Abbott could be in for a nasty surprise.

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