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You can apply green principles to anything in life. Find out more…

christmas, birthdays and parties 

q Buy fairtrade gifts from an online eco-store or give something non-material such as a massage voucher or a football or theatre ticket. Or give your time – how about a babysitting or decorating “voucher”.

q Serve organic, locally sourced food.

q Reuse Christmas decorations. Tie presents with ribbon, not sticky tape, so wrapping paper can be reused. Buy charity cards and recycle them – or email an online e-card.

q Use compostable paper plates or real crockery.

q Add some vegetable kebabs and veggie burgers to your barbecue repertoire.


q Hire your wedding dress or buy it second-hand – it’s probably only been worn once.

q Send email invitations.

q Organise car pooling for guests.

q Serve organic, local food and wine.

q Use biodegradable confetti.

q Have a green wedding list at an online eco-store.

q Honeymoon nearer home – spend the travel savings on extra luxury instead.


q Buy organic or native flowers, preferably locally grown – cut flowers can use a lot of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

outdoor activities

q Get walking but choose routes accessible by public transport.

q When fishing, observe species, size and seasonal restrictions.

q Keep motors out of the wild: get your thrills mountain-biking, climbing, surfing, kayaking, etc.

q Join a local bushcare group.


q Feed your dog or cat less meat.

q Buy bulk dried food instead of cans to reduce waste or cook your own pet food.

q Consider a smaller dog or a herbivore pet such as a mouse or guinea pig.

q Put a bell around your cat’s neck, or keep it indoors at night, to stop it killing native wildlife. Have it desexed to help control the cat population.

q Scoop up dog poop.

q Instead of owning a pet join a wildlife rescue scheme.


q Use your time and experience to help a local green group – it keeps you active and boosts your social life too.

q Keep active and healthy by cycling, walking, organic gardening and joining a bushcare group.

… and finally

q Choose to be buried in a biodegradable coffin as cremation releases toxic chemicals.

q Leave something to a green organisation in your will.

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