Nature built your body, so let nature look after it…

Cosmetics contain many toxic synthetic chemicals that are absorbed into your body, while cotton uses a lot of synthetic chemical pesticides. Avoid these synthetic chemicals by switching to natural bodycare and organic cotton or hemp clothes.

body facts

l More than 1000 synthetic chemicals are used in bodycare products.

l Australians spend $60 billion a year on personal care and $14 billion on clothes.

l Australian women use 1.38 billion disposable sanitary products per year. It takes 150g of pesticides to produce a cotton T-shirt.

body: key steps

1.      Buy fewer new clothes. Buy second-hand, learn to sew to repair clothes, swap with friends, invest in quality that will last, dye faded white clothes to give them a new lease of life, get shoes resoled, etc. Learn to distinguish style, which endures, from passing fashion.

2.      Buy organic cotton or hemp clothes. Globally, cotton uses 10 per cent of all pesticide and a quarter of all insecticide.

3.      Use fewer cosmetics. Healthy skin comes from exercise, fresh air, eating well, getting enough sleep and good fluid intake. Many cosmetics are even counter-productive, blocking your body’s natural cleansing mechanisms.

4.      Switch to natural bodycare. Look for bodycare brands that are free from synthetic chemicals. Or make your own natural bodycare recipes (see Natural Living Basics).

5.      Use unbleached organic cotton tampons or resuable menstrual products.

want to do more?

q Buy razors with replaceable blades, and toothbrushes with replaceable heads.

q Use recycled toilet paper.

q Give unwanted clothes to second-hand shops.

q Buy fairtrade clothes.

q Grow natural remedies. Try aloe vera for bites and burns, or peppermint or rosemary tea for headaches.

q Recycle used plastic shampoo bottles and other containers where possible (call the National Recycling Hotline 1300 733 712).

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