social change

economy and environment

We won’t save the planet unless we persuade other people – and governments – to act too. Lend your voice to the groundswell of support that is now emerging for decisive action on global warming and the environment.

social change: key steps

  1. Support a green organisation.
  2. Vote green. That is, vote for politicians you think will put the environment first. In particular, we must elect politicians who will act on global warming.
  3. Think globally, act locally. Join a local green group raising environmental awareness in your area.
  4. Support a better deal for the world’s poor. Poverty can force people to harm the environment simply to survive. It also means they need more children to support themselves in sickness and old age, fuelling population growth, which is one of the main causes of pressure on the environment. Help farmers in developing nations escape from poverty by buying fair trade products such as coffee or chocolate, and supporting campaigns for fairer world trade.

want to do more?
♦ Propose green initiatives at your child’s school.
Discuss environmental issues with family, friends and work colleagues.
♦ Help support indigenous and Aboriginal cultures – they contain thousands of years of knowledge about living sustainably with nature; knowledge that is now in danger of being lost for ever.
♦ Get together with some friends and organise a local eco-festival.
♦ Campaign for a reduction in arms spending. In 2006, 2.5 per cent of global GDP, a total of $1.38 trillion, was spent on weapons. Imagine if that had been spend on developing renewable energy instead.

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