natural bodycare

girl-with-towel-cropMake your own natural
bodycare with a few
low-cost everyday ingredients.


Body: wash with pure soap.

Face: soak some oatmeal in water, strain and use the water to wash your face. Or rub with plain yoghurt.

Hair: wash with pure soap and rinse with white vinegar. Aloe vera (cut a leaf and squeeze out gel) makes a good hair gel.

Teeth: clean with bicarb of soda and a drop of peppermint oil mixed into a paste with water.

Hands: a drop of eucalyptus oil removes grease.

Deodoriser: bicarb of soda under armpits or in shoes.

Moisturiser: almond or apricot oil, or simply spray your face with filtered water using a plant-misting bottle.

Lip balm: beeswax.

Athlete’s foot: tea-tree oil or a nightly footbath of vinegar and warm water.

Insect bites: rub with vinegar, tea-tree or eucalyptus oil or aloe vera gel.

Mosquito repellent: add a few drops of lavender oil to the final rinse of clothes or mix it with vegetable oil for a body rub.

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