getting started

Want to help save the planet? This guide will get you started. It will show you how to slash your impact on the planet with little or no pain, and real gains for your wallet and health.

Preventing global warming and other environmental problems is a big challenge. So big it’s tempting to give up before you start. But big challenges demand big solutions, and rising to this particular challenge means a green revolution that will transform society in exciting, unexpected and positive ways.

Being greener can transform your own life in positive ways too. Doing something positive helps you to feel positive. Learning to live with less can be liberating, allowing you to step off the consumer treadmill. Buying less and using less energy will save you money. Joining local trading systems, community gardens and green networks will help you feel part of your local community. Walking, cycling, avoiding synthetic chemicals and eating less meat will make you healthier. And spending more time enjoying nature, whether in your garden or in the bush, reduces stress.

Being green seems hard (at first) because we live in a society that isn’t (yet) green. But being green is easy, because you’re working with nature, not trying to fight it. And it’s not rocket science: it’s mostly common sense and changing a few bad habits.

You’re unlikely to do everything in this guide all at once. That’s OK. Even if you only do one thing, it’s better than doing nothing.

Global environmental problems can seem overwhelming but the best place to start is by taking responsibility for your own actions. It may seem a small contribution but, as the old saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

This guide helps you take that first, green, step.

make it a habit
It takes three weeks to break or change a habit. If you make an effort to establish each new green habit for three weeks, after that it will just come naturally and you’ll stop even noticing you are “being green”.

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