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All you need to know to be green … in a single page!


quick list: being green

Switch to GreenPower • energy-saving light bulbs • Insulate walls and ceiling and shade windows • Turn appliances off at the wall • Install solar hot water • Fit a water-saving showerhead and take shorter showers.

Install water-saving showerhead, dishwasher, washing machine and taps • Take shorter showers • Install a dual-flush toilet or fit a water-saving device to your cistern • Fix leaking pipes and dripping taps • Put plugs in sinks.

Use natural cleaning, bodycare and pest control • Garden organically.

Compost • Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Eat locally grown • Eat organic • Eat less meat • Avoid overfished fish.

Drive less.

Buy less • Buy second-hand and recycled.

Fly less.

Invest ethically.

change society
Vote “green” • Join a green organisation.

Quicklist: green principles

the starting point…
value nature

the underlying principle…
be happy with less

the green mantra…
reduce, reuse, recycle

three global warming hotspots…
homes • transport • food

four key cuts…
energy • water • chemicals • waste

what is green…
natural • reusable • biodegradeable • renewable • local • efficient


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