Little Green GuideThe Little Green Guide: a small guide to saving the planet
This blog is based on my book, The Little Green Guide, published in Australia by EcoPress in partnership with Planet Ark.

Being green … in a nutshell
It’s small enough to fit in your pocket – yet contains all the information you need to live a greener life. The focus is on the key steps that make the most difference for the least time, cost and effort.

Corporate, council and educational
The Little Green Guide makes a great educational or promotional item for councils, companies, schools and organisations. These sort of orders help get the book – and hence the message – out to people who might not normally buy a book on green living. Bulk orders cost only a few dollars a unit, including a customised cover with your logo/branding and a four-page introduction for your own green message or promotion. The book fits in a DL envelope.

Possible uses include:
Corporate: reinforce your environmental concern by giving copies to customers or staff for Xmas, or include it in a green-themed gift hamper. Use in green promotions.
Councils: giveaway or special offer at green events such as eco-festivals
Magazines: promotional offer to readers.
School: fundraising item

See The Little Green Guide in pdf format.

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