Relax knowing your holiday isn’t harming the planet…


The main environmental problem with going on holiday is getting there. In particular, flying produces a lot of greenhouse gases – in fact, it may be the single most harmful thing you can do to the environment. The simple answer: holiday closer to home.




holiday facts

l One Sydney-London return flight generates the same amount of greenhouse emissions as driving a typical urban car for 15,000km, or one and a half years.

holidays: key steps

1.      Fly less. Holiday nearer home. Australia is blessed with natural wonders, sunshine, great places to stay and the world’s best beaches. Travel by train. If you must fly, offset your flight’s carbon emissions.

2.      Support ethical tourism. If you do go overseas, find eco-sensitive operators who work with local communities: tourism in poor countries often excludes or exploits local communities while damaging the environment.

want to do more?

q Take a hike: wilderness starts where the road ends so get away from traffic to experience nature.

q Ask hotels not to change linen and towels every day. Laundry can use 40 per cent of a hotel’s energy and water.

q Don’t buy souvenirs and gifts made from coral, ivory, tropical hardwood or endangered animals.

q Spend a few days on a conservation project. Stay (and work) on an organic farm as a WWOOFer.

q Have fun and explore green living at a sustainable festival.

q Support Aboriginal tourism. You can learn about indigenous culture and its relationship to the land, and it can help Aboriginal communities preserve cultural heritage.

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